Sunday, October 09, 2011

New Gurn Poll - the plans for the Bus Station garage site

What do you think? You can see the plans here and then vote in the Gurn's latest unscientific poll over in the sidebar if you wish.

We did plan to have a poll on Doc Grigor's trains but with the application for flats and a supermarket making headlines that will have to wait for now.

UPDATE 10/11/11 A wee parking problem?

A document published on the Highland Council webpage linked above from the Nairn/Badenoch and Strathspey TEC services department reads:

"For a facility such as proposed the car parking spaces do not comply with the parking standards detailed in Roads and Transport Guidelines for New Developments Consultation draft Nov10 document. It would appear that the scale of the development does not allow for this provision.

Further details will be required with regard to a parking statement clarifying proposed parking provision, how it compares with the Council’s parking standards and how the applicant proposes to cater for the parking demand.

This information is required before TECS can provide further comment."


end of the line said...

Grigor's trains... are these the ones with no steam, no track. and no chance?

At least the new flats have plans!

Anonymous said...

i say get dr grigor statue and old red mine back into high street

Don't hold your breath said...

They can plan as much as they like, is any developer likely to actually build residential property in the current climate? And even if they do, just who can get a mortgage at the moment
I reckon we'll see trains along the bankie before a tower block at the bus station, oh look, was that a flying pig I just saw?

used knitting needles on the landing said...

Another scheme'ie in Nairn

Nice one, handy for the polis though

Willing to Exhale said...

@ don't hold your breath.

Is any developer likely to build? Well, is it coincidence that Upland Developments, who have owned this site for many years, has put in an application now? They have deep pockets. Building contractors are desperate for work. Housing associations have public money to spend. The Council has targets to meet. What better time to build?