Saturday, October 22, 2011

Shrub Bed Clean-up by Council

Earlier this month we published pictures of the seriously untidy shrub beds in the cemetery field nearby to the areas that volunteers had planted up with thousands of bulbs. Billy reports that the Council have cleaned these beds up now. Billy sent a couple of pictures and here's a before and after comparision.


Tom Green Thumb said...

Fair play to the Council (presume it was TEC Services?) for doing the job. But I wonder if that work would have been done if Billy and the Gurn had not drawn attention to the problem?

Do those Council officials who now manage the maintenance work (from Aviemore?) actually know what's happening in Nairn?

coining it in said...

It's surely inevitable that council services are going suffer from the freeze on council tax, due to inflation this is a cut for the council each and every year that it remains in place

Still, for those of us that pay council tax jingle those extra coins you now have in your pocket every time you see the likes of weeds that the council once removed

growtosow said...

thanks to the gurn for putting the photos on the gurn the beds are now looking grand well done to the guys who did the work a job well done, the azalea bed was stunning this year and lets hope it remains the same next year for the local folk and for our vistors.