Sunday, October 23, 2011

Japenese Knotweed's capacity to damage property values

Every year we have a gurn about the amount of Japenese Knotweed growing along the River Nairn and particualarly in the town centre area. Hoping perhaps that one day the local authority will take it seriously. It not only squeezes out native species but it can also seriously damage property values it seems:

"Couple are forced to demolish their £300k four-bed home after it was invaded by Japanese knotweed"

Could it happen in Nairn? Well the clumps of Knotweed seem to spread very quickly each season and apparently it takes a 3-4 year period of treatment if you want to dispose of it. So perhaps it's time to get seriously started on this stuff when it pops up again in the spring?


Anonymous said...

It would appear not to be a responsibility for a Local Authority, but the owner of the land it is growing on or come from, going by the legal points reported in this article.

So perhaps a combination of landowners and developers who have constructed next to sites where knotweed is growing. It is perhaps landowners and developers along the banks of the River Nairn who should be taking action, and us Nairnites not wait for action from the Council.

Graisg said...

The Council has responsibility for most of the riverside in the town centre anon.

Anonymous said...

So you say and you may br 100% correct. However the Local Authority still have to comment themselves.
Let's make a balanced judgement, before accusations of responsibility are made.