Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cautious River CC to forward comments and criticisms of Bus Station proposals to the planners

There was a wide range of opinion expressed over at a well attended meeting in the Community Centre this evening but the general feeling seemed to be that there was a willingness to see the development go ahead albeit it with differing degrees of opinion ranging from praising the plan as it is to a demand for a totally different design. River CC are to articulate the major worries expressed to the planners and also to seek a meeting with the developer or their agents to discuss the application. Appearance, parking and height were mentioned by those present. More later from the Gurn when time permits.


Jane Harkiss said...

Time never really permits does it, loveykins? But I will say again ad infinitum that Nairn is lovely and I don't entirely understand why everyone is banging on about the bust station. It's the people and what's going on that counts. milton feicing Keynes doesn't have anything approaching a community spirit. I went there once by accident and broke speed limit trying to get out again - be true! xx

spring tide said...

Did the River CC get a flood of complaints?

Anonymous said...

The use of the words community council and articulate both in the same sentence is not usually found anywhere in Scotland, never mind Nairn.

Congratulations to a Nairn community council being able to articulate something. Usually these are a talking shop for nosey and interfering members of the public (known as community councillors - there has to be an official name it seems).
Community councils have no authority in the planning process. In essence if the public require action or info, either their Councillor (four for Nairn) or a planning official are the people that matter.
Don't be kidded that a community council are a significant force in the planning process. They aren't.

Dick Tater said...

@ Anonymous. Criticism of community councils is fair enough if it is well-founded and well-informed. You said:

"Community councils have no authority in the planning process."

Not so. The local CC is a statutory consultee on planning applications in its area. This means the planning authority is obliged by law to take account of the views and comments submitted by the CC.

Seems a good reason for attending CC meetings and engaging in the process, rather than dismissing those who do as "nosey and interfering".

growtosow said...

have too agree with the post made by DICK TATER and he or she are quite right in what they say but can i add that the folk on the community councils do it because they care about what is happing in their part of the town.