Monday, October 31, 2011

Music Nairn

"Music Nairn is one of the best attended music societies with one of the highest memberships in Scotland. We aim to invite only musicians of the highest calibre to perform at our concerts, many with international reputations. Concerts are held monthly and are open to the public, apart from the Members' Evening.

We see the promotion of classical music, both old and new, as an important part of our function. We are very keen to encourage young concert-goers (students are offered tickets at a significant discount), and to promote local musical activity."

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Sebastian de Lyon said...

Oh I say Old Bean is one now going a bit more upmarket Nairnbairn was accused by the editor of the weekly
local publication The Nairshire Telegraph of being a snob better watch out you could be next to face the music.

Anonymous said...

Jolly nice to see that for the modest sum of £15 members can tootle along and enjoy a pre concert meal and purchase a concert ticket for the reduced price of £14. So, a total of £29pp not including drinkie poos. Nice to know that some Nairn folk can afford this modest night out, probably a bargain but mine stretches to a bag of chips for £3 and a tune or two on my iPod. How the other half lives

Graisg said...

A full-on sess on a Saturday night would probably see you back a lot more than £29 these days anon. There may be a lot less cash around but some folk still prioritise.
Having said that however a night out at Musaknurn might set you back a day's pay on the minimum wage :-)

Tradespark George said...

So when is AC/DC playing, or an X Factor finalist? Seems a very closed selection of musical styles, for a small market. Rather than "Nairn" as a whole as the group's name implies.

Graisg said...

I suppose no-one has a monopoly George. I remember this morning, for no particular reason, being in a marquee where Fort Apache now stands at the harbour listening to Abba impersonators/tribute band. That was about 15 years ago on such a cold May night that the sleet froze on the outside of the canvas despite the heat generated inside by the mass of humanity.
Maybe a nice meal and some classical music in a warm environment might have been a better buzz? Who knows? Horses for courses and live and let live and all that?

But I take your point. Would the Nairn Pipe Band be more representative of "Nairn Music."

Elvis Pinkerton - Smythe said...

More representative of Nairn music would be a Saturday Afternoon Sesh in The Vic Pub.

Graisg said...

What about Coisir GhĂ idhlig Inbhir Narann/ Nairn Gaelic Choir?
They go to the Vic too.

Bass Clef said...

Sadly Nairn lacks a venue for traditional folk/gaelic/celtic music. There's not been a folk club in Nairn for many a year

And with the passing of Ken Ramage I wonder if there is anyone who will pick up the reigns and organise the Nairn Jazz festival?

Anonymous said...

What! You can afford an ipod? Mobile phone? When i was a wee nipper we were lucky to have a wooden spoon tied under a chair to play with no phone computer telly no car no bus fair buying chips a luxury, no white goods