Monday, October 10, 2011

Bus station application - opinion polarises

You can see from the Gurn poll in the sidebar and from the comments on articles below that a fierce debate is raging over the Upland Developments plan for the old bus station garage. On the way home from an expedition to purchase a copy of the august weekly dead-tree journal beloved of our community this observer was stopped by a very annoyed town centre resident, who was extremely irate at those that do not approve of the development and wished to express his views to the Gurn. His words, spiced with the vernacular and the f-word were based around the fact that everything on that side of the road is of modern construction and one more wouldn't do any harm. This blogger has to admit that from the back of the Albert Inn to the end of the sheltered housing along that side of the A96 there isn't any old architecture left apart from Viewfield House down the drive and even there it sits beside the modern construction of a Bowling clubhouse.

Meanwhile the Nairnshire leads with "Mixed reaction to Bus Station Plans" and contains comment from some of the usual suspects including Brian Stewart and Tommy Hogg. Essential reading for those who are for or against or haven't made their minds up yet.

This observer hears too that indications are River CC area residents might be out in force for the meeting in the Community Centre tomorrow night (Tuesday 11th) where this item will be discussed in open debate as part of the agenda item "planning". We hear from one of our usual unreliable sources that the meeting has been moved to a bigger room in the centre and that out of town dead-tree journalists are showing considerable interest too. It could be a big one Gurnites, maybe Nairnbairn will even be there too? Are you going Nairnbairn?

Could be the best show in town, admission is free and begins at 19.30.


Anonymous said...

knock the bloody thing down,get the area cleaned up and rebuilt,get some more income re. councilk etc for our town,and for selling car parks,its public land ,and shouldnt be sold off by numptys who are elected to serve nairns residents

Anonymous said...

No one is disputing that the bus station needs levelling .

The building proposed is poor though.
I note that in the Nairnshire article the building consultants refer to aspects picked from the new poice station and the community centre. I wonder if the architects of those buildings would be happy to put their name to this one.

Personally, I don't think it looks like a random building on a business park in a new town somewhere in Buckinghamshire. I think it specifically looks like a Travel Lodge in the same town, or any other town for that matter.

In actually fact, it wouldn't be a bad place for a Travel Lodge/ Premier Inn.............

Reality check said...

It's not public land, it's owned by developers, Upland Development. Basically, as long as they can get planning permission, they can do what they like with it. The only say that the public have is to make comments or objections to the planning application. Anyone can make comments or objections but they have to be relevant and will have to be submitted by the 25th October 2011. After this it is up to the Planning Committee.

Graisg said...

Reality check is correct but perhaps anon was thinking of the other side of the A96 here and the controversey concerning the "central car-park"
14 days says the Nairnshire Ad so today is the 11th - yes that would make it the 25th for the deadline for anyone wishing to express their views to the planners.