Friday, October 21, 2011

Before Salty colonised the Bus Station Garage...

Another flickr image - the Nairn skibus express?

UPDATE: Murd remembers the two vehicles that were converted to ski-bus use. He actually refused to drive one one day because of the lack of adequate heating to melt the ice on the windows. Murd also recalls the orchard that stood on the area that now compromises the bus station and car park areas. He says the high wall went all the way round and aside from the piece that survives along Viewfield Drive there is also a piece left along the rear of the Albert Inn.

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Getonthebus Gus said...

The old photos are not entirely clear... but it looks as if in the old days the building that is now a pizza takeaway was once a proper bus-terminus waiting room (with cafe and toilets?)

As planning policy now encourages a return to greater use of public transport (and the price of petrol is forcing everyone that way in any case), wouldn't it be far-sighted and imaginative if the Council's new plans for the town centre proposed the redesignation of that building as a proper public transport hub (bus, minibus, even taxi offices). Toilets too, if the ones on the other side of the A96 are to be sold off.

Then since the Council helps to fund the bus services, why not have routes not just to Inverness, Elgin/Aberdeen and the airport, but also locally to the harbour, Lochloy and Sainsburys, and to the station, hospital and Cawdor? If the routes were planned and timed to suit the users and connect with trains, planes and visiting-hours, they would attract a lot more passengers.