Friday, October 21, 2011

Maximising benefit for the Council

The Courier has their eye on the town centre redevelopment plans and has quotes today from Dick Youngson, Tommy Hogg and Rosemary Young. All three of them make a plea for the retention of the former social work building. Worries abound in the town that these fine buildings could end up being destroyed as part of the Highland Council sell-off. A Highland Council spokesperson is quoted as saying there was no price tag on the buildings and the value to a prospective purchaser would depend on the proposed use. “But we would seek to maximise the income to the council and will consider all offers,” he added

Maximising income to the Council – that proves more than ever that we need more control over our own affairs. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the spokesman (no name given) had said that they were out to maximise income for the Community or for a top-up to the Common Good fund?

Let us once again quote the wisdom Alistair Noble on Wednesday night on this issue:

“Alistair Noble expressed to the meeting his desire to see things done in a different fashion: “Before we sell things, let’s look at other ways and this Community Interest Company can be a vehicle to use the Common Good assets properly, and still retain the ownership.” Alistair thought it would be a disastrous mistake for the Highland Council’s 76 Councillors to sell off the properties. See more in the Gurn article below.

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