Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sudden clean-up

Billy alerted the Gurn to a clean-up at the old Petrol Station. What's going on here then, something in the air or has some bright spark at the Co-op simply realised that it helps to sell something if you clean it up first? Or maybe oor Rosemary has set aboot them again?


Potential Passenger said...

Maybe it's going to be the new bus station, or even a terminus for Dr Grigors trains?

growtosow said...

about time it got a tidy up as was looking bad, mine you it did take them long enough lets hope they listen to the townsfolk for a change and perhaps do something with it, instead of leaving it to fall apart like the regal.

Toon Loon said...

After many years of inaction, a planning application is suddenly put in for the bus station (allegedly as a result of pressure from Convener S Park).
The former Community Centre and council offices are put on the market.
Now there's a clean-up of the derelict filling station.

Could it be that Nairnbairn's provocative 'carbuncle' nomination has stirred up some action by property owners and local authorities, embarrassed that so little has been done for so long?

How terrible for the town!

Tradespark George said...

Maybe groundworks for a new Tesco supermarket with 4 storeys of flats above?
Talking to ***** ****** last week, he'd heard of a developer looking to move on the site, once the bus station got permission.