Saturday, October 08, 2011

Bus station plans - any NICE intervention?

NICE seems to have been dormant over the summer months. Could the plans for the Bus Station inspire that organisation to come back to life over the winter months? Some movement is visible on the facebook page at last but is NICE to all intents and purposes over and done with or does it have mileage yet as a lobbying group?


Nice biscuit said...

The new plans for the bus station seem not so nice to me, but more importantly will anyone on Highland Council seriously consider the views of NICE, somehow when it comes to the crunch I doubt it

Anonymous said...

Why not convert the old bus station to be the steam train station? After all centre of town. If the council DON'T get their way, there'd be town centre parking nearby for the thousands of tourists that would flock to Nairn for a steam train ride.
And what could be more appropriate, Grigors's steam railway station, right next to where Dr Grigor used to stay.