Tuesday, May 07, 2013

A pedestrian crossing at the Moss-side Road Co-Op one step closer?

The difficulties for residents crossing the road to get to the Co-Op on Moss-side Road were highlighted again at the Suburban Community Council (The Subbies) meeting last week. The road is very busy and problems can be exasperated by inappropriate parking in the vicinity of the popular, well-stocked store. Dick Youngson and his colleagues have been campaigning for some considerable time for something to be done at this spot 

Colin was present at the meeting and he told the Subbies: “ We are waiting for the specialist engineer to come up and give a report[…] We’ll get him here and get his view on what he thinks is the right solution.”
The Highland Council member went on to state that a zebra crossing would improve the parking too as you are not allowed to park next to it.

Hopefully before too long an engineer will appear and agree on a spot for a crossing and eventually this danger spot will be made a lot safer for all concerned.

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