Friday, May 10, 2013

Matress scandal day 2 - Mr and Mrs Salty seen in the area

Fears are growing that Nairn Gows (gulls) have developed a symbiotic relationship with the matress. Seagull learned behaviour spreads fast and maybe a new national trend may emerge. Are Mr and Mrs Salty just chilling on a warm Nairn day or could they be up to no good with this dangerous piece of furniture?
Thanks to Jingle Bangles for this revealing and alarming image.


warm bed for the night said...

I'm just shocked that the poor mattress hasn't been 'rescued' as yet

Anonymous said...

Glad to see we have another bird island blocking up the river. Will Nairn rival the river Ness soon for islands? Could be quite a tourist attraction though, gull, duck, swan, pigeon island etc with signs on the river bank suggesting what you can feed the various birds