Saturday, May 04, 2013

Saturday Miscellany

The shop "Occasions" is up for sale and offers of around £70,000 are wanted according to the hspc website. Anyone that might have considered rental is out of luck however as the Council site indicates that they are not considering that option. 

Nairn Loon Toby Michaels who will be appearing at the Wee County Fans Fish 'n Hits gig  in Castle Lane on Sunday the nineteenth features in the Northern Scot this week:
"MUSIC may be singer Toby Michaels’ passion, but it looks as though the Nairn rocker is on target to becoming a multi-media entity with plans for films and his own comic strip."  More here. 

Today the Wee County keep up their challenge for a top three finish and a potential money spinner entry into the Ramsdens Cup next year. It has been a great season for the County, with a few hiccups towards the end yes, but fans will treasure the memories of some fantastic cup and league games when its all done and dusted in a couple of weeks. Today they are at home to Lossie for the last home game of the season. More pictures of Wednesday night's 4-0 victory over Rothes now on the Gurn flickr pages. 

The NICE folk are monkey-surveying and have produced a newsletter too. They are wanting to hear your views on what should happen to the old Social Work buildings. Their newsletter states that suggestions so far include a KFC outlet, a reptile house, a restaurant, an art gallery and even demolition. Recently NICE high heid yin Alistair Noble told a meeting of Community Councils:

"We are in a Catch-22, if we don’t do something with the Social Work building we don’t have credibility. If we do something with the Social Work building and people don’t like it we have no credibility. It goes round in circles, so you have to just have to keep plodding on but the whole thing that is very clear to me and to echo what you are saying Simon* is that this has got to be recurrent revenue and it has got to be Nairn’s fair share of all the recurrent revenue. And I’ve been banging on about that for the last 20-30 years. And the big sums that we are not getting are around Council Spend and around Health Spend and within that amount of money, we are talking millions, then you start to run businesses and have local employment which is where we are fundamentally coming from. So it just takes time, it takes effort."
* Simon Noble (no relation and a councillor on River CC)

Have a good day Gurnshire and may the fourth be with you.

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