Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Nairn Carbuncles back on the agenda

At last week’s meeting of the joint Community Councils Graham Kerr requested that carbuncles were put back on the agenda. 
“Which ones would you like,” asked the chair (aka Nairn’s new tourism personality) Rosemary Young.
“Well, we’ve had some success, some of them have gone now,” replied Graham. He continued: “It appears that something is happening at the Regal and that is good. The old bus station is still a thorn. The Rosebank Church is still a thorn and I’d like to add Altonburn Hotel, the Sandancer.”

There was both  good and bad news for Graham and anyone else concerned about Nairn carbuncles at the Suburban CC meeting in the Academy last night with two pieces of information put into the public domain from Cllr Colin MacAulay. Colin had bad news about the Alton Burn Hotel:

“Keep an eye out on the Alton Burn Hotel. There are folk making their way into the building. So again if folk see anybody or hear of it, feed it into the police so they can just try and stop them, somebody will come to grief in there if it goes on.”

Later he told the meeting in the Academy on the subject of the Bus Station that work was scheduled to start on June. The four ground floor flats would have their own entrance and then there would be a lift access to the other three floors. Colin suggested that the bus station flats might suit some folk that might be considering a move because of the bedroom tax or other reasons: “It won’t suit some folk but for some older folk to be slap bang in the centre […] and if it’s like the current council houses it will be built to a good standard then it could be an attractive option.” He finished, “It’s not what I wanted there but it is better than what was going to be there.”

John Mackie added: “You’ll get away with that in the middle of Nairn where it would look stupid on the outskirts.”

To which Colin replied: “I still don’t think it’s the right development for that site.”


Ratta Tooey said...

After reading this weeks Leopold Street Thunderers front page exclusive regarding the towns new tourism personality our very own Rosemary Young can we look forward to seeing her on Celebrity Big Brother, Celebrity Juice, I'm a celebrity get me out of here, Ive got News for You, Come Dine with Me, Celebrity Chef, Question Time, OK mag photo exclusive, Britain's got Talent with a CD coming out at Xmas with her favourite songs by Green Day.

Anonymous said...

Green Day favourite songs of Nairn's very own "RoYo"?
Welcome to Paradise; or
Strangeland; or
Westbound Sound; or
Extraordinary Girl?