Wednesday, May 15, 2013

John Finnie tells Danny Alexander to get a move on over Mainland Fuel Discount.

The Gurn has received a copy of a letter that John Finnie MSP has sent to Danny Alexander. This observer wonders if Nairn would qualify as a remote mainland community? Anyway here's what John said to Danny. 
Dear Danny,
Fuel Discount Scheme For Remote Mainland Communities.
I have read coverage in today’s press regarding the above with great interest. 
Whilst I appreciate the wheels of Government don’t run swiftly, I am concerned at the time its taken HM Treasury to report on the case for a fuel discount scheme for remote areas of the mainland.
I would appreciate it if you could inform me, as soon as possible, of when you expect to take this issue to Brussels, which areas will be included in your proposal (including the criteria used to make this decision) and an unequivocal commitment that the 5p discount will be passed directly to the consumer.
It will not have escaped you that it is over 3 years since you stood on for re-election on this issue and I urge you to do everything possible to get a successful outcome for people living in remote and rural areas.
Yours sincerely, 
John Finnie MSP
Independent, Highlands & Islands.


Beaker said...

Might I suggest that the Danny folk voted for and the Danny we have today are two very different people. You would have to be very liberal to accept his current values

Anonymous said...

Funny how we can be classed as a 'remote community' when it comes to surcharges for items to be delivered to us by certain companies, but not when it comes to the cost of fuel

Nick said...

Two things seem pretty obvious
1) He'll be moving as fast as he can. His re-election somewhat depends on it.
2) This wouldn't be government policy if the Lib Dems weren't part of the coalition and if Danny wasn't a senior minister in the treasury