Thursday, May 09, 2013

Delnies circular path update

We posted an article earlier this week "What happened to the Delnies circular walk" which included an image of the massive amounts of sand now covering parts of this popular walk. 
Colin had a meeting down by with the Highland Council's ranger earlier this week and he tells the Gurn:

"The Landowner (Cawdor) will liase with the farmer to see if they can plough away at least some of the sand."  


Anonymous said...

"see if they can plough away at least some of the sand" - not good enough. Not sure if this is actually a public right of way but it must at least be part of the core paths network which I understand the council is responsible for maintaining, and furthermore I believe they have funding specifically allocated for maintaining the core paths. It's all very well ploughing some of the sand off but there's a path underneath is somewhere which has been neglected even before it was buried. Some of the sections covered by sand are outwith the farmer's fences and the plough won't go there. This needs a small excavator to restore it.

Graisg said...

Thanks for that anon (3rd July). Will ask about that.