Thursday, May 23, 2013

South Nairn planning decision leaves a bitter taste for the Community Councils to swallow

Members of West, River and Suburban CCs expressed their dismay, despair and even anger at the recent decision of Highland Council to approve the master plan for Narin South.

The regular joint meeting was hosted by Nairn West CC in the Community Centre. Brain Stewart introduced the topic, he said:

We collectively as the three joint CCs and, indeed, as individuals fed in a number of detailed comments reflecting our concerns about the capacity of the Nairn South infrastructure to cope with the scale of the development that was being planned.  I don’t think I’m being too blunt in saying that the Highland Council planners pretty much ignored all the local concerns that were expressed at the joint meeting and then conveyed in writing. The master plan as approved a few days ago is pretty much unchanged from the one which Malcolm MacLeod presented back in January.

Rosemary Young the Chair of Nairn West was not in a very good mood with the town’s elected Highland Councillors, she told the meeting:

I would like to say that I think that it is very poor even though some told us why they weren’t there but none of our elected councillors came to the eight meeting where they would have seen the tremendous strength this town is feeling about not having Nairn South. Now I would like to remind our elected Councillors that they are voted in by the people of this town to be there to do the job for us. So if we have a strong feeling about something they should be there to listen to what we are saying. It would appear on this occasion, even though Michael put up some valid support four not having the houses there that nobody else did. I think it’s very disappointing and I don’t know why I would ever bother to vote for an elected Councillor again. I’m very glad I’m not a paid Councillor so I can say what I want about this sort of thing. But I think it is poor and I think that in a week where universities are trying to make wheat to double the amount of food, as well, so we can feed the world, that we are going to plough up some land out there and houses on which has been no rational thought as to whether we really  need it or not. That’s all I have to say.

Other comment on Nairn South from last night later.


Spurtle said...

Local, regional and national government have, over the past few years, made much of how important it it that 'consultation' takes place with Community Councils and other groups on matters that will affect their community.

Nairn South is a shining example of the difference between 'consultation', and 'taking a blind bit of notice.'

Ill-considered planning decisions affect the lives of many of Nairn townsfolk, mainly as a result of increased traffic levels.

The 'machine' that makes the decisions does not care, it doesn't apply any common sense and it frequently contradicts it's own guidelines and policies.

Look at the national acknowlegements now being made that given such prominence to out of town shopping centres has ruined the vast majority of town centres but does it stop them granting permission for more.........nope.

We are among the most represented citizens in Europe, from Councils, through Scottish, UK & European MPs yet we have no voice.

None of them take a blind bit of notice, far more bothered about following party mantra, rather than doing what they were elected to do.

Douglas Adams was right when he commented that the very act of putting yourself forward for a position of public office should immediately disqualify you from holding it...........

Anonymous said...

Not every one who voted for their Councillors is in full agreement with the stance taken by the Community Councillors. Ms Young should remember that she does not speak for everyone.