Thursday, May 09, 2013

Bringing grass cutting in Nairn back under local control - River CC’s statement of interest and plan to achieve that.

Last night at the River CC meeting in the URC hall Tommy Hogg outlined his organisation’s grass-cutting submission  to the Highland Council’s Community Challenge Fund.

He read out the proposal: “Our proposal is to assume responsibility for the maintenance of the common areas of the town of
Nairn. Our immediate aim is to bring the management and prioritisation of the work under local control and to create employment for local individuals and contractors. Our long term aim is to capitalise on the pride of the local people in the appearance of their own environment and achieve improvements which will enhance the natural facilities available and the well-being of local people as well as the attractiveness of the locality to visitors. It is proposed that the services to be taken over be finalised in discussion with Highland Council and these would be based around grass-cutting, management of plants and invasive weeds, ( for example: hogweed, balsam etc, planting and pruning of trees, purchase and repair of benches and other park furniture. We believe this could be expanded to include the management of dog litter to enhance the engagement of the community in delivering the key outcomes the project will be required to engage other local groups, especially schools and youth organisations and those providing recycling services locally. We intend to manage these services through a formally constituted sub committee of the Community Council and with clear arrangements for governance and performance management. We have already developed a plan to enlist those areas within the River Community Council boundary. We have also invited our neighbours Nairn West and Nairn Suburban Community Councils to join in with us in the development of the plan to cover the whole locality.”

Tommy then said: “I know it is a big undertaking but I am convinced it could work.”
He went on to say that the proposal would be discussed by the Highland Council on the 13th of June.

Brian Stewart (of the Westies) was present at the meeting too and he said: “It’s a suck it and see approach. Have a go, see how the Council react and see what works. It’s worth a try.”

Tommy added: We did get in touch with Liz and Colin and they were more than confident that it could be taken forward.

The River CC proposal, if it were successful, would go a long way to resolving a grievance that many have in the town over the way control of grass cutting was taken away from local control by the last Highland Council administration. Tommy and his colleagues also obviously feel that the present voluntary efforts that many (such as Keeping Nairnshire Colourful and Murd and his fellow river patrol squad) put into keeping up the appearance of Nairn could be considerably augmented and integrated into their plans to care for and enhance the local environment.

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Methinks TEC Services will have some reservations about this application