Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Housing and Transport, Access and the A96 Bypass - Suburban CC letter and a response from Fergus

At last joint meeting of Nairnshsire and Ardersier and Croy Community Councils held on the 25th of April it was agreed that the individual Community Councils would write to local representitives to convey the views of the meeting.

Suburban CC have released into the public domain the copy of their letter that was sent to elected representitives and others and a reply received from Fergus Ewing. The subbies' letter concentrated on Housing and A96 issues and was signed by Dick Youngson. You can read a copy here. The letter sent on the 9th was answered by Fergus Ewing MSP on the 14th and you can see a copy of his letter to Dick here. Fergus's letter concentrates on A96 and bypass issues. The many gurnites who are long-time serious students of these issues may find both letters interesting. 


Anonymous said...

A fine collection of words, but it's Inverness planners that decide the future of Nairn

Anonymous said...

I would have thought that after last weeks decision on Nairn South,that was entirely obvious.