Thursday, May 30, 2013

Windsor Hotel to reopen in 3-4 weeks

Good news for Nairn's tourist trade - the Windsor Hotel will soon be back in business. Many local residents were saddened by the sudden closure of the Hotel earlier this year. There are many in the town who, remembering happy events in the hotel, have an emotional attachment to the place. So good news all round for Nairn today with this breaking story.

The building is a hive of activity today (see image below), and is undergoing a complete refurbishment. The new proprietor, Elaine Douglas told the Gurn that she will shortly be holding interviews for the position of General Manager and more information will be available once the post is filled. 

I'm sure Gurnshire will join this observer will in wishing the Elaine and the rest of the new team at the Windsor all the best in getting the Hotel back on its feet. 


Anonymous said...

Looks like a lot of work going on inside. Good to see the place back up and running.

Graisg said...

Thank you for that information anon (15/05). Could you contact us via e-mail with further details?