Sunday, May 05, 2013

Nairn tree news 2 - under planting at the controversial conifers bordering the industrial estate

Gurnites will remember the controversial tree surgery on the overgrown hedging bordering the A96 next to the industrial estate. In March at the Suburban Community Council meeting it was claimed that the polish tree surgeons had left the scene after a visit from the police. At the time the police representitive  present at the meeting said that he had no knowledge of such an incident but would find out if that what had been stated was in fact the case

At the latest meeting last week it emerged that the police had in fact visited the site while work was ongoing due to a complaint from a member of the public but had found everything in order. Now, further to other complaints about the work and the loss of visual amenity BEAR have planted a large number of similar conifers next to the row that received attention from the saw doctors. It looks very impressive to this observer and if managed as a hedge it will make a suitable nesting site for some birds. 


Anonymous said...

Since when has Balmakeith been in Suburban CC Area?

hedgehopper said...

@ Anonymous comment at 8.35pm.

What relevance does that "NIMBY" question have to the subject? What does it matter which CC area the site is in?

A lot of visitors, and almost all residents of Nairn (including the good citizens who live in the Suburban CC area) travel past that row of trees. Quite a few may well visit the Balmakeith site.

So - Anon - please forget the petty parochialism of CC boundaries. It's in the interests of everyone in Nairn to care about how the town looks, whether it's Balmakeith, the beach, or the High Street.

And well done to BEAR for taking action to make that bit of the roadside look a bit more attractive.

Nairnac said...

Talk about paying to dig a hole then fill it in again !

not hopeful said...

A story that underlines poor management.

Had the original hedge been tended then it wouldn't have grown so tall and attracted the awful trim years later.

In turn it wouldn't then have been necessary to plant a new hedge.

I can only hope that the 'new' hedge will receive regular maintenance or history will repeat itself, but then bad management does

Graisg said...

@ not hopeful,

Maybe Keeping Nairnshire Colourful will keep an eye on it?

DavidS said...

As a gardener, I would say that the new trees have little chance of growing. The original trees are so large that they will take all the moisture out of the soil and overshadow the new plantings.