Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Liz - 20 m.p.h. limit for Boath Park

Speaking at last week's joint Community Council meeting Liz said:
“We’ve got £50,000 set aside for bringing in 20 m.ph. limits and that’ll come into the TECS committee in August and I’m hoping that Boath Park will be included in that. When I was going round prior to the election there were quite a lot of people saying they would like 20 mile an hour limits in more residential areas and just recently last week, through a national thing I had quite a flurry of e-mails about wanting 20 m.p.h. So this is one of the areas where TECS guys are saying because there is just one road going in it would be easy to implement the 20 mile an hour limit. It would be great to have it all the way through Nairn but we can’t do that with the trunk road."  


20mph said...

I hope it's more successful than all the work and money that was spent in implementing a 20mph in the Fishertown.

So many roads were missed in terms of signage, it's hard to know as to what the speed limit really is, 20, 30mph?

The work needs completing and then the 20mph enforced

Anonymous said...

TEC's to spend £50,000 making a road 20mph while at the same time increasing costs to Nairn harbour users?

Where was Liz then?

Graisg said...

Sounded like the 50K was for across the Highlands Anon.
Maybe you could get 20 m.p.h. down by too?

Anonymous said...

Maybe if people knew how to cross a road there would be less accidents

Anonymous said...

What about harbour street?? Ridiculous the number of cars that fly down here and nothing is done about them. Only a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt.

Anonymous said...

How does highland council justify spending £50,000 on signs! What are they made of and how does a person tap into them lucrative contracts.