Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"Basic digital high street through to augmented reality"

The following presentation by the Talk about local organisation may or may not interest some of our High Street folk - the augmented reality bit mentioned is perhaps a little way down the line yet but indicates perhaps where technology is taking us all. Maybe promotion of what's in the High Street is best done online by individual shops and businesses doing their own thing the way they know best but perhaps the slideshow contains food for thought. 

Basic digital high street through to augmented reality from william perrin


High Purr Local said...

I have this very strange habit of actually walking along Nairn High Street, visiting shops, talking with people in order to find out what's going on.

I appreciate that this might be far too low tech for some folk as it doesn't involve me using social media, a computer, email, iPhone, blog or anything else that requires you to be be plugged in and switched off from our community!

If anyone likes my idea of walking along the High St and talking with people they are very welcome to use it in any way they see fit as long as it's not for making money from gullible people

Whatever next...

Anonymous said...

ZZzzz... another suit with Powerpoint

Hyperactive more like

Anonymous said...

Out of town shopping (retail parks) and on-line shopping are closing High St stores. Why would anyone want to promote the digital High St? Is it supposed to be the retailing fairy dust that'll save our High St shops, I fear not