Tuesday, May 21, 2013

@ flickr users in Gurnshire

You may have noticed the changes that were made to Flickr last night. Less than 24 hours on and there are around 11,000 refuseniks who have written their messages of complaint on the flickr forum. Outraged flickr users are also tweeting @flickr and leaving messages on the flickr facebook page. Flickr proudly claim: 

"A brighter Flickr is here. A Flickr where everyone gets a free terabyte of space for original images. Where your photos are at the center of a stunning new web design. And where Android users have a seriously beautiful app to take with them, anywhere."

That's wonderful but the new design is totally unsuitable for many long term users who simply have grown used to displaying their work on flickr and found the former layout perfect for their needs. So if you too are finding the new changes horrendous then please add your voice on the forum or via a social network message. 

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