Sunday, May 26, 2013

Murray's Pictures from a sunny Saturday in Nairn

Thanks to Murray Macrae for these images from yesterday in Sunny Nairn

 A serenade from the Slim Panatellas at the Dying to Know event. Colin reported on his facebook page:
"Great couple of hours at the Community Centre - for what was one of the very best events of Nairn's year. A fantastic opportunity for people to ask about and learn about some of life's last few taboo areas - preparing for death and dying.
Huge thanks to the army of volunteers and committed key individuals who made the day happen - Gillan of Nairn CAB and NHS Kate - and of course Rev Manders etc etc etc.
 Brilliant effort - a MUST for repeating at some point down the line!"

Meanwhile another successful event down at the Harbour as a steady stream of visitors and local folk made their way down to the yearly Harbourfest.

At the other end of town, also out in the sun were the first Saturday work party of the season up at Station Park. Volunteers are welcome every Saturday during the close season between 10 a.m. and 5p.m. Davy Mackinnon told the Gurn: "if you can spare a couple of hours then you will be very welcome. Images of some of the latest work here. 

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