Sunday, May 12, 2013

Ali needs an exercise bike next Sunday afternoon for Fish 'n Hits - can you help?

At next Sunday's Fish 'n Hits gig in Castle Lane (12-5 p.m and Bargain fish and other suppers from the Dolphin Chipper for £2.50) County Fans Fundraiser Ali Nicol hopes to get in training for the sponsored  Ben Nevis climb in September by spending the afternoon peddling away as he enjoys the music. 

Ali and 19 other fans will be climbing the mountain but they need to do a bit of training first and you would be making a great contribution if you could lend an exercise bike to them for the afternoon. Have you got one that Ali could use for a few hours? Please contact us on and we'll pass on any offers. 

Fish and Hits details here including Dolphin menu for the 19th here and the Ben Nevis climb page here. 

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