Saturday, May 18, 2013

Zero tolerance on litter

One of our Highland Councillors recently posted on Facebook:
"We live on a beautiful planet in a beautiful country. And we live in the most beautiful part of our country. Don't spoil it - Bin it!"

Despite the natural beauty surrounding us some people, young and old, still do drop litter though. For some it is perhaps a "cool" thing to do for others maybe they actually consciously get a perverse pleasure out of despoiling their local environment. Will we see fines issued in Nairn or not by Highland Council? The lack of fixed penalites issued in recent years for people who don't bother picking up their dogs' turds is perhaps not an encouraging example. Anyway here's what Drew Hendry, the Convenor of Highland Council says: 
 “As a Council we have to tackle littering head on and treat it as anti-social behaviour. Littering is wrong, it should not be tolerated and it should not happen. Littering also has an impact on our tourism economy – one of the key industries in the Highlands. We market our natural environment as a key attraction for visitors and littering has a direct impression on visitors that can affect the potential for repeat visits through word of mouth recommendations.” Read the full press release here.

Hopefully we will see some action by the Council in Nairn but there is another agency that is determined to take a zero tolerance attitude too. Litter featured at the last meeting of the Suburban Community Council meeting, the Subbies have a problem in their area with empty cans of drink being left in the lay-bys further along Moss-Side Road. Pupils heading too and from the Academy at lunch time feature in complaints too. Subbie members were pleased to hear Sgt Graham Erskine, also present at their meeting, declare his determination to catch litter-bugs and keep Nairn clean. Good luck in their efforts to both the Council and the local members of the Scottish Police Force in their efforts to tackle the litter problem locally and across the Highlands! 


Anonymous said...

Littering is irresponsible especially when bins are in close proximity to dispose of rubbish properly. When I have approached people I see dropping litter outside my garden, on numerous occasions the verbal reply I get nowadays is "it's keeping somebody in a job" this clearly must be changed views on individual responsibility

Anonymous said...

I have noticed quite a large number of bins on roadside layby's have disappeared over the last couple of years

Graisg said...

@ Spurtle, looking for a link to any decision to remove bins in the Highlands, haven't found it yet.