Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday night miscellany – The bottleneck fills up with water again.

Regular readers will know that we have reported that Nairn’s Community Councils do not want to see any building at Nairn South until all the appropriate infrastructure is in place (including a bypass). They also state that the bridge under the railway is a bottleneck that needs to be sorted before development goes ahead. There is one school of thought that traffic lights would rectify this. However, never mind new infrastructure, can the existing drainage cope in this spot? Floods under the railway bridge are nothing new but the rainfall earlier tonight wasn’t exactly the worst you can expect in Nairn and it didn't take long for the problem to reappear. 

Thanks to our regular reader who sent us the link to this facebook page which shows an image of quite an amazing piece of cake. Obviously opening a new business is no small piece of cake.

NHS Highland are reporting on their website that Nairn hospital is presently closed due to an outbreak of norovirus. Further details here.

An event organised by the Nairn Citizens Advice Bureau, the NHS and the Highland Council takes place in the Community Centre on the 25th of May and will focus on a topic that we must all one day face but are, quite naturally, often reluctant to contemplate.  The Nairn CAB site states:
“A new service that helps people in Nairn cope with the practical side of death and dying has seen a great level of interest, and is now hoping to reach even more people with a different kind of family day out in Nairn Community Centre on May 25th 11:30-4pm. Its objective is to get people to think about their own death now, in order to lessen some of the practical pressures for those they will leave behind.”  You can read more about what is planned in the Community Centre here on the CAB site.

Video highlights of the Wednesday Wick v Nairn game have been placed online by one of the Wick fans here. 


DavidS said...

What happened to the pedestrian?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

traffic lights under bridge is the last thing we need here,why not build a new road from top of hill through council depot and out at farmers field,i curse the day sainsbury,s came to nairn with thier bloody traffic lights(most of which are not needed,or out of sync)and the sad apology of the dangerous roundabout there too,and a mini roundabout at merryton would alleviate all the traffic snarl ups that is the cause of traffic build up in nairn,

Spurtle said...

Sadly, all the people who warned about the effect that the traffic lights would have on the town, were laughed at by those wetting themsleves with excitement at the prospect of Sainbury's arrival.

A broader choice of groceries is one thing; bringing an era of traffic chaos is quite another

I don't have a car said...

and I don't want one either.
Why does it have to be all about cars? Personally, I'm happy with most of the lights - it means that I can cross the road safely. I'm also very happy to be able to have a broader choice of groceries close by as I can't just jump into a car and head to Inverness, Forres or Elgin.
I bet you that a large proportion of folk sitting in the traffic chaos could have walked or cycled instead.