Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A bit more democracy in Nairn? - view the webcast then you decide

Is the new Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey area committee the first stepping stone to democracy returning to Nairn or is it just a powerless talking shop? Here is what Liz looks like on the webcast.

The webcast is available here on the Highland council site. Council town centre properties are discussed starting at 14.05 minutes in. Partnership working in Nairn at 19.42. Deprived areas at 39.30 - It seems the statistics state that there are deprived areas in Nairn now but is the way that this is worked out too much of a a 'blunt instrument'? 

Grounds maintenance is discusse at 59.22 minutes in. Does the mannie responsible for checking the standard of work from the contractors get a bit of an easy ride from the members? There then follows the information about cycling safety, capital projects, housing rent arrears and allocation refusals, the  Nairn Common Good fund at 1hr.34. Interesting information in that discussion - has the Common Good been badly managed for some time? Time for a cup of tea and/or a dram and a selection of webcast highlights?

Tip: Liz's statement about the need for a new Provost comes in at 1hr 43 minutes and she makes it clear that it is an administration decision and also that she agrees with that decision. 


Anonymous said...

Ooh, Liz becomes 'your Leadership' now

Anonymous said...

I dont have high expectations, Liz is after all a member of the ruling administration at HC and has always followed the party line. So when push comes to shove, she will fall in line with Drew and the ruling administration.

Anonymous said...

So, do we address Liz as Ms Leader now?

Anonymous said...

Staggered to learn that Sandown lands have dropped in value so much when I've read that land values in Scotland and indeed the rest of the UK have risen greatly in recent years

Highland Council valuers not up to speed? Lets hope they get it right when and if it goes on the market again or someone will get a real bargain and Nairn will lose out

Graisg said...

@ anon 14.16, I realise some people are upset but perhaps that shouldn't be said. I suppose we all draw our own conclusions however. Thanks for your comment it is noted.