Friday, September 20, 2013

Former DE shop windows boarded up - not a good image for the High Street ?

This morning one of the windows of the former DE store was found to be broken and the pavement was cordoned off around the dangerous shards of glass hanging from the window - see image below from Iain. 
Later in the day all the windows in the property were boarded up. One local shopkeeper told the Gurn that the boarded up windows were not very good for the appearance of the High Street. 
It is obviously a reaction of the property owner or those in charge of maintenance of the empty shop and they  must feel it is in their interest to board up the windows to prevent further damage. However this observer has to agree with the assessment that the boards do not have a positive effect on the commercial heart of the town. 

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Graisg said...

Thanks anon, we'll have to wait and see if it was vandalism and whether alcohol was involved. Sure no blame to the company for protecting the remaining windows but that doesn't alter the fact it is ugly.
DE didn't own the building by the way.