Sunday, September 08, 2013

Demonstration against South Nairn planning application to take place on Wednesday 18th

Campaigner Rosemary Young tells the Gurn that plans have been finalised for action on the 18th of this month, she said:  "We will meet at the railway station at 8.30 for peaceful, dignified protest to the bus load of elected at the bridge and at the site. T shirts have been ordered with words NAIRN IT'S OUR TOWN and car stickers  with DONT PASS PLANS PASS THE BY PASS."
Rosemary is hopefully that after the demo in Nairn, those that are able to, to will go on to the meeting in Inverness for a further demonstration. More information about the protest will be in the Nairnshire Telegraph. 


Auld Skater said...



growtosow said...

what about those folk that work they will not be able too go?

Very annoyed with local politicians said...

agree with growtosow, need a focus the weekend before for people that will be at work or taking the kids to school on Weds. A stall on the High Street to sign letters or something like that?

Seriously? said...

Seems pretty typical of the Nairn do-gooders who don't seem to realize the "common people" have to work and pay taxes. Looks like a protest for OAP's and the idle.

See the bigger picture said...

Growtosow, Very annoyed, and Seriously, sadly the protest and demonstration timings are being dictated by the Highland Council and Council officials who don't hold meetings at weekends or for the convenience of those working.

Oh, and Seriously, in this instance, your derision "Nairn do-gooders,... "common people"....OAP's and the idle" is not helpful and is directed towards the wrong people.

Anonymous said...

See the bigger picture. You are correct. See you there on Wednesday.

Out of work said...

Cant get a job
I for one hope the building of houses go ahead and I might get a job and my children have A chance to get a home. But those who are protesting don't need ether as fare as I can gather.

P.S Can any one tell me how a by pass is going to alter any thing as all it will do is let through traffic BY PASS Nairn not go in to A housing development

toon loon said...

Whatever happens at Nairn South will have a major impact on everyone in the town - those in work, those retired, those who go to school, those who work at the sawmill, anybody who travels the roads around the site.

As growtosow and ...bigger picture have said, slinging insults about "do-gooders, OAPs and the idle" is both unhelpful and misdirected.

Those speaking up about Nairn South work and pay taxes. The difference is that they are also sufficiently concerned about the future of Nairn (including decent jobs and safe streets) to get up and fight for something better than what the Council and profit-driven developers are proposing.

APTSec said...

'Out of work'

There are many I am sure who sympathise with your plight. I can certainly empathise but I do not wish to enter into a more personal discussion on this forum.

Sadly politicians of all parties appear to be failing those in desperate need.

I could not believe it when the figures in several documents appeared to suggest that Highland had built enough homes in many areas for all those who had moved into the area, so, as part of my response to a major consultation (the consultation on the 'National Planning Framework') I pointed out that:

'...if 100 families need a home and a builder constructs 100 homes- 75 with a potential selling figure of 150,000 on the open market and 25 for a housing association at varying tenures - but only 30 families (out of 100) can afford the mortgages for the open market housing, what happens to the 70-25 families ‘left over’ – assuming that 25 take up the assorted housing association units? If only 30 can afford open market housing, then presumably even less housing will be built in the first place providing fewer ‘affordable’ units. Ok, so these are ‘made up’ figures, but in Highland, despite the vaunted growth in house building it still seems to me that there are still many, many families and individuals ‘left over’. Where are the actual figures here?'

Look at this worrying statistic for England:

“The shortfall of below market rate housing in England will increase by 218 per cent between now and 2021 to 641,000 homes, according to a report.”

What happens to all the thousands of Scots who are ‘left over’? Where is the data for Scotland?

Joe Telfer said...

@out of work. Nobody is against building houses in Nairn, providing the infrastructure is built first, and the right kind of houses are then built. This means a bypass and adequate roads and sewage system to cope with the additional load. A bypass will allow traffic going to everywhere outwith Nairn an unhindered journey, and will save time and wasted fuel which pollutes the Planet. It will mean we can probably do away with traffic lights within Nairn, and the Town can happily invite business and look after holidaymakers to the premier resort on the Moray firth.

Anonymous said...

Out of work, one of the major points being made against the proposed developments is that people in your situation are, unfortunately, highly unlikely to be able to afford any of the houses. These houses will not be affordable to many people who presently live in Nairnshire, so who are they being built for? If the authorities or developers were so concerned about housing for local people why not build council or housing association houses?

Concerned said...

@ Out of work, building houses next to Gordons might affect their long term future. So in the end there might be less jobs in Nairn resulting from this development.

Anonymous said...

The workers could write a letter on behalf of their concerns if they can't make the protest. Think it's unfair to class others as idle, when you personally don't know their circumstances.

Anonymous said...

A bypass will hopefully ease congestion within the town, so locals living in the town can commute better between the designated areas with roads already in place. People passing Nairn (if any pass was in place) would not necesarily mean people wouldn't visit, or it would affect business. Getting rid of traffic lights and hold ups could actually promote people to stop off again, relax and have a look about.

Anonymous said...

Will the SNP be turning up to speak for Nairn this time?

Out of work said...

Is anony saying if the were to build council housing then it would be all right to build on this sight???
JOE infrastructure will have to put in first but with out planing permission whats is the point??

GORDONS may be A big employer but how many of them live in Nairn or spend there money in the town??
I do own my home but need a job to pay the mortgage and assist my family to get on the housing ladder
as a caring parent I will assist my children
So get the houses built because at the end of the day that's what will happen. AND GIVE ME A JOB

Anonymous said...

@Joe Telfer

You're wrong, I for one am against more houses being built in Nairn at present

Anonymous said...

A full page advert in today's Nairnshire Telegraph advertising this protest march has the line 'No housing without by-pass'

I hate to point this out but a by-pass isn't going to solve many of the problems that a large housing development build at South Nairn will bring (I think most of these are already well documented). Might I suggest that trading a housing development for a by-pass is not the way to go

I wish the marchers well but I doubt it will have any impact upon council members in Inverness sat in their warm offices, but at least it lets off a little steam and we'll have done our bit without having to sit in front of bulldozers