Monday, September 09, 2013

Dick Youngson warns Highland Council "all hell" is going to break out if Common Good land transfer is approved tomorrow (Tues)

A copy of a letter written today by Dick Youngson to the main mannie at Highland Council has arrived at Gurn HQ. Below is the main body of the text, it is self-explanatory.

If any gurnites are having trouble reading that then there is a copy of the letter available online here. 

Note from Gurnmeister:
Dick is the Chair of Nairn Suburban Community Council and is a highly respected individual in Nairnshire. At the last elections for the Community Councils in Nairn Dick was the people's choice in his area and he came top of the pole by a wide margin (results here). Dick's achivements on the Suburban CC and in other organisations in Nairn are considerable. He is a considerate, fair, well-spoken man with a sense of duty to the community. He has his finger on the pulse. Highland Council ignore Dick and others like him at their peril. For Dick to react like this indicates the very low point that the relationship between Highland Council and the community of Nairnshire has reached. 

Another measure of the poor state of affairs between the Glenurquhart Road and the County of Nairnshire is demonstrated in a full page advert in this week's edition of the Nairnshire Telegraph from the Community Councils publicising a demonstration against the South Nairn planning application on Wednesday the 18th of this month. Nairnshire is, quite literally, on the march.

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Inferno said...

Will this be the full nine circles of hell or just a few of them?