Friday, September 20, 2013

Liz disappointed Inner Moray Firth Plan wasn't challenged

At Wednesday night’s meeting of the usual suspects (aka Combined Community Councils) Liz explained why she couldn’t speak at the planning meeting that considered the Nairn South application. She told community councillors and around 60 members of the public:

”I would just like to mention a point on why I was on why I wasn’t speaking today. At the very start of the meeting I was up seeing the legal advice of the Chair and the Director of Planning and I was advised very strongly not to take part in the application because I’ve got competing land in the Inner Moray Firth Development Plan.

If I had taken part of anything like that it would have made…because it will go to appeal now. The applicant will appeal it. So this is not the end and that is the first step though, and how they structure that appeal will up to how the applicant decides to go to written submissions or to an inquiry or to the reporter so we have to wait and see what way they come forward to process their appeal. And when you mentioned the Inner Moray Firth Plan that was also on the agenda today and as well as that I wasn’t able to be present at that one because I have a financial interest in that because I’ve got land in the Inner Moray Firth Plan.

But however, I was really disappointed that wasn’t challenged at all. We’d just overturned that decision for the Nairn South and I think, it’s out for consultation for six weeks so I think communities must also input into the Inner Moray Firth Plan about how they feel about things and highlight the changes that happened today and try and get them enshrined in the plan..”