Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Subbies claim South Nairn should be turned down on inadequate road and pavement widths alone?

Suburban Community Council's Dick Youngson wrote to the Director of Planning, Stuart Black recently quoting a recent planning decision where a housing scheme was turned down because the access roadway to the site did not meet the National standards for safety. 

Dick's letter goes on to state those standards and also the results of the subbies going out with their measuring tapes on the pavements and roads that lead to the South Nairn site. Gurnites will be aware of how already the dangers of the present road and pavement infrastructure and the levels of use have been cited by campaigners as grounds for turning the South Nairn application down. 

A copy of Dick's  letter here, which, once again, will be essential reading material for the many gurnites that have been following this issue closely in recent weeks. 


Anonymous said...

Great letter Dick - on these points there is no way the go ahead should be given. Interesting times ahead indeed. Looking forward to seeing the councillors reactions to our residents at their site meeting tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Well said that man!!