Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Week ahead - A new Provost and a new housing scheme?

Tomorrow morning we will know who the new Provost will be as the four Highland Councillors meet in the Courthouse to pick a new civic leader for the town. Liz is giving the job up because she doesn't want it to be political. She also has a new job as the "political leader" of the Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey area. 

Wednesday starts with a demonstration against the South Nairn development that will meet at the Railway Station at 08.30 a.m. and then go up to the site to wait for the bus load of councillors that will come from Inverness. Then quite a few folk plan a further demo as the item gets discussed through in Glenurquhart Road from 11.00 a.m. onwards. A job for our new Provost then to speak out for the people of Nairn on Wednesday or would that be a "political" act? No doubt our local members will have something to say but  one Councillor who won't contributing to the debate will be Liz due to legal advice.

Following the demo and the meeting in Inverness, there will be either a wake or a party in the form of a Combined Community Council meeting of the town's three watchdog organisations at 07.30 in the evening. It will be quite a day. For more information about the South Nairn issue and articles that give more details on Liz's situation etc, have a browse on this page.  The former Provost's difficulty with the South Nairn issue is also outlined in this Courier article here


Robin said...

A wee seagull told me its Mr Fraser.

Graisg said...

Heard that too anon - but would like to see confirmation. Nothing on the Highland Council site yet - new Provost not worth a press release?

Graisg said...

Thank you anon but let's please remain polite and respectful to whoever is the new provost and yes - if it is Laurie he does fix TVs as well.

Anonymous said...

For anyone wishing to see as to why Liz decided to act upon legal advise not to further involve herself in the Nairn South application look here:

It's a document on Highland Council website under the scheme 'Call for Sites' and is a proposal by Liz's husband for 89 houses to be built on their land just off the Lochloy Road.

Graisg said...

The document actually states anon:

"It is estimated that Lochloy Road without any improvements has capacity for up to 89 further dwellings which could be accomodated in the site at East Kingsteps as demonstrated in the associated Cameron + Ross documentation."

Graisg said...

Hi Anon @19.46 - thanks for your comment but we have decided not to publish. Why not contact Liz to discuss the issue?