Saturday, September 28, 2013

Problems on the buses for the Subbies

John MacKie told the Suburban CC meeting in the Academy on Wednesday night that he’d had: “one or two folk mentioning some of the Aberdeen, Elgin, Inverness buses running late or not turning up. So I propose trying to do a survey, trying to get information on whether people are finding this a difficulty.”
He went on to mention the impact of late buses those catching connections in Inverness for hospital appointments. He hopes to find out the frequency of late buses so he can tack the issue up with Stagecoach. He said: “they are quite keen for the community council to be involved on this so we’ll take them up on that.”

He went on to say he was still waiting for an outcome on the local bus. John explained: “I understand that the operator is talking to Highland Council at the moment and the idea is that if Highland Council can find the cash then the service will be extended. It’s been extended for two months while these talks go on and we’ll find out hopefully in a couple of months time. I’m hoping we might find the money but if we don’t then the local bus might disappear altogether." 

At the start of the meeting Dick Youngson, chairing, mentioned that in the minutes of the previous monthly get together of his organisation it had been mentioned that overgrown hedges were “causing people to miss buses because they are obscuring the bus stops and shelters.”

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