Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Michael Green on South Nairn: " This is a culture change. I think this is a pivotal moment for Highland Council"

Michael Green pictured yesterday at the site visit/demonstration on Cawdor Road

Earlier yesterday (Weds 18th) Michael Green made a speech that caught the mood of the Council Chamber in Glenurquhart Road, he set the tone for the eventual result. Coupled with Michael’s explicit reasoning explaining what had made so many Nairn residents take to the streets, the members had to consider too the people power manifestation they had experienced on the streets of Nairn. They took a decision that was a victory for the town’s three community councils and the hinterland rural CCs that supported them too. We hope to publish extracts of Michael’s speech later or at least link to the point in the webcast where he spoke if it goes up tomorrow. There were other councillors that spoke effectively for Nairn too, including an impassioned Laurie and the Inverness Councillor Richard Laird. Others too, more on that tomorrow if time permits. 

Yesterday evening there was a meeting of all the towns 3 CCs in the Community Centre. Around 60 members of the public were present, the mood was initially celebratory but the usual suspects were not resting on their laurels after today’s positive result, they were discussing the next steps in their campaign to see planning democracy returned to Nairn once and for all. The Chair of the meeting, Dick Youngson, asked Michael if he wished to say anything and  once again Councillor Green caught the public mood, he praised the Community Councils for their campaign and their effective lobbying and said:

“Highland Council, I make the point, I hope they learn a lesson from this because this is not just a one off. This is communities representing their views and making it known and if they are ignored then Highland Council reap the whirlwind at your peril. Because that’s what’s going to happen, this is a culture change. I think this is a pivotal moment for Highland Council. They have to realise that local democracy actually means something. It’s not something we put on leaflets, it’s not something we just articulate when it suits us – it’s action today is what  it’s got to be all about."


Anonymous said...

She was once the 'darling of Nairn', a popular and very active councillor who was always on the front line and campaigned for many causes outside of local politics

Sadly Liz MacDonald wasn't there yesterday when we most needed her, neither in person or in voice. Does the prospect of her becoming a developer mean that her councillor role will diminish? Regrettably in recent months that would seem to be the case

What's happened Liz?

Graisg said...

She was at Glenurquhart Road Anon but she couldn't speak for reasons already stated and she wasn't even allowed into the Council chamber to sit with the citizens of Nairn.
She told the Gurn afterwards that she would have voted with Michael, Laurie and Colin if she had been able.

Anonymous said...

Michael Green hero of Nairn. Well done sir

Graisg said...

Thanks David, had a look under the call for sites submissions but can't see that one listed however.