Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thursday night miscellany

The early birds reported a frost this morning but it was quick to lift. There was a time when you would have been guaranteed a few crispy white mornings by the 26th of September but things are less predictable in these globally warm times.

Plenty of sunshine today and the boarded up windows of the former DE shoe shop looked very pristine in the gentle, warm rays. Elsewhere boards on some of the windows of the empty Alton Burn hotel now but the rear view shows quite a few smashed windows - images here and here.   Out in the Firth no sign of the Petronordic or Petroatalantic tankers but there were two others to take their place  - images here and here.

Jane sends us some information about Music Therapy, more details here and if you enjoyed the Scottish Rock Garden Club's show in the Community Centre in April then you may be interested in a flower show and plant sale they have at their annual conference in Grantown on September the 5th from 10-30 to 12.00. David Shaw told the Gurn that the show is only open to the public for such a short because the stewards and stall holders will be attending lectures etc at other times. Further details on a poster here.  

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