Wednesday, September 18, 2013

South Nairn Planning application turned down by Planning Comittee in Inverness

Victory for Nairn's Community Councils, who early today organised a very effective demonstration  on the Station Brae and later up at Gordons Sawmill, as the Planning Environment and Development Committee voted against their officials' advice and turned down the controversial housing scheme of 320 homes.

The decision may go to appeal but it will be celebration time rather than a wake at the Combined Community Councils meeting in the Community and Arts Centre at 7.30 p.m. tonight.

More details and images too to follow.


Anonymous said...

I'd just like to say a big thank you to everyone who took the time to protest this morning, and also for those who took the trouble to go through to Inverness.

Who says people can't change things, a great uplift for Nairn even though it might be short lived if there's an appeal

A shame that one of Nairn's councillors is now unable to take part in any such planning applications, it means one less voice for Nairn within Highland Council

Willie the cattlie said...

Ach dinnae worry Anonymous there is some awfae fine folkies in The Toon who have a mooths that can dae the talkin, I felt fair chuffed ye ken when I took masel doon tae the railway station this fine mornin & saw ah the folkies githerd roond aboot we there placards & banners,thank gudness I pit something in ma belly before I came oot, as ah the cooncilors turned up late in there big white bus, I dinna think they kent fit tae expect as they came oh the sharabang led be a wee manie wee a beard who moothed oot intstructions to ah the cooncilors, & wiznae chuffed when sumbuddy fae the protesters aked him fits his name wiz help ma boab he wiz fair scunnered & threatened tae pit aebuddy back on thae bus,I wiz prood oh the wifie who asked the question,well done quine, jist glad after the meeting through in Sneckie that thae saw some common sense, the fields are ment for coos nae hooses, Ah the best good folkies.

Anonymous said...

Madness. People who protested and councillors who voted against it want to hang their heads in shame. People need jobs in this town, the high street needs money coming in, this could have done that. All thrown away. Well done protestors and Councillors. Try being unemployed and protest about that. Idiots.

Anonymous said...

Anon@5.11. Why should they hang their heads in shame. Any jobs created by this would be short term and would probably not go to folk in the area.

People need houses but these houses would be out of reach for many people living locally, so who would they be for? In any case, the main objections for most people are not the building of houses but the fact that the current infrastructure; roads, sewage, schools, health facilities, etc, would not be upgraded to meet the additional population. You might think things are bad in the town at the moment with traffic jams or trying to get a doctors appointment? What do you think it would be like with 390 - 600 more houses? Those of us who live in Nairnshire are the ones who would have to live with the consequences for a long time.

AlongAratRun said...

Fantastic news, well done to all those involved and took the time and effort out of their day to protest too.

I'm all for more houses and more jobs, but in a structured and sensible manner that the town can support, and therefore that should be up to the town and how thats done, or at least be considered.

APTSec said...


Any ideas on how we can work together to achieve the houses and jobs in a sensible way?

The standard means of consultation on Local Development Plans does not seem to be achieving this in parts of the Inverness and Nairn area?

Anonymous said...

Hang their heads in shame cos they only listen to retired folks from west end with little to do or folks already in jobs and worried about their house prices and traffic jams. Try bring up three kids in a house with no income and seeing opportunities like this one getting kicked out. Don't ever say Nairn never gets anything because when they do they kick it out.