Wednesday, September 25, 2013

“Seismic” events began with a question asked from Leopold Street

“Seismic” was a word used by Colin last night in Nairn Academy in connection with the South Nairn events of last Wednesday the 18th of September. Gurnites will be aware that prior to the notice of amendment that he put to the PED committee Nairn South had gone through without a vote although with some conditions added including a pause and review after 100 houses. That was to be overturned dramatically though after protestors took to the streets last week.

The editorial of this week’s Nairnshire Telegraph states: “It was an inquiry by this newspaper in the wake of the South Planning Committee, made to the vice chair of the committee regarding the ignoring of local community council objections, which kicked off the process leading to last week’s site meeting. However we do not take much pleasure in seeing the council and its planning department getting such a drubbing.”

Another erudite editorial in this week's local paper and well worth reading if you haven't had a chance to do so yet.  


Anonymous said...

Iain Bain is absolutely correct when he states that "we do not take much pleasure in seeing the council and its planning department getting such a drubbing".

Whilst this is being hailed as a victory, the long term implications for the future growth of Nairn are potentially damaging.

What developer in their right mind would spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on a planning application for a major new project in Nairn now, in the wake of Nairn South and the recent defeat of Sandown ?

Ian F said...

Absolutely agree with the above comment. This sends the message out to potential investors that Nairn is closed to business.

Anonymous said...

No, it's not a case of Nairn closed to business, more a case of Nairn is not going to lie down and accept something just because developers and officials deem it should. Anon@1.43pm and Ian F seem unable to see that objections, in particular, for South Nairn, have been mainly about the lack of infrastructure. Sort that out, then future growth can take place.

Ian F said...

Thanks for speaking for me Anonymous@10.46 however youll find Im pretty good at doing that for myself. I stand by my `Closed For Business` opinion and would further state that the browbeating of the protestors smacked less of social democracy and more of `not in my back yard`.