Monday, September 09, 2013

Moray Coast Vet Group’s new premises - open day - pictures

Moray Coast Vet Group’s new premises were officially opened in Nairn on Sunday, 8th September by Sheila Gibbs, SSPCA stalwart and animal lover.  The Open day was very well attended with, at times, people queuing to get in for a look at the new clinic.  What they discovered was that the old Doctor’s surgery at Lodgehill has been totally revamped and upgraded and a light, airy, modern interior has been created.  Walls have been knocked down to provide lots of space and new facilities, including a main waiting room, a cat and small furries waiting area, consulting rooms, prep area, operating theatre, lab, xray room, dental room, separate cat, dog and isolation wards.

John Donald, who first came to Nairn as a fresh faced young slip of a thing in 1990, is now the Managing Director of Moray Coast Vet Group.  John said he is very pleased with the new building and is looking forward to working in the new location.

Shelagh Carson from the Nairn and District branch of the Cat’s Protection League was in attendance providing information about the charity.  A special collection bin for donations of cat food or other cat related items is situated in the cat and small furries waiting area.

One of the consulting rooms had been taken over for the day by Nick Martin of the Scottish Exotic Animal Rescue.  The star of the show was undoubtedly Sam, the rescued Burmese python (14 foot long and a mere youngster) but the other reptiles, cockroaches, centipede’s, snakes and tarantulas were also very popular with both small and big kids.

Sadly, the Black Isle dairy ice cream stall will not be a permanent feature; their delicious ice cream was being copiously consumed and enjoyed throughout the building, as were the teas and home bakes on offer from the helpful staff. 

Individual images here. Full Screen slide show here. 

Good luck for the future to all the staff in your new premises.


Anonymous said...

Are they taking booking from humans? Might resolve the appalling waiting time problems to see a GP in Nairn

John Donald said...

Thanks for those kind words and the nice images.Nick,the reptile man,was very enthusiastic and had the kids enthralled with his various creatures although I did notice some of the adults keeping a safe distance.
We are very lucky our business is so well supported in the town and it was a pleasure to invite people in to look behind the scenes.We are also very grateful for all the support we had with developing Lodgehill and I kind of feel we have given the building a new lease of life.It would have been a real pity to have seen it turned to rubble.
John Donald.Moray Coast Vet Group

Anonymous said...

We would have loved to attend this open day but sadly knew nothing about it. Was this invite only? We are regular customers of the Nairn practise. Looks like a great facility.

Graisg said...

It was open to all anon and there was an ad in the Nairnshire I believe.

Anonymous said...

Much better use than the hideous flats that were proposed

John Donald said...

We are aware that some clients didnt hear about our opening and sincere apologies to all that weren't aware.We put an advert in the Nairnshire and notices all round town as well as sending emails out.It wasn't practical to mail shot everyone and we are trying to use email and txt as much as possible so please give these details to reception when you come in.I will be delighted to show anyone around that missed out anytime! John Donald.Moray Coast Vets