Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wednesday 18th of September a busy day - Demonstration and Decision day for the Nairn South application - then a meeting in the evening

The Community Councils are calling for all those taking part in the protest to assemble at the Railway Station around 08.30  tomorrow morning for the site visit of the Councillors who will make the decision on South Nairn. After the demonstration some campaigners plan to go through to Inverness for the decision and debate which will take place around 11.00 at Glenurquhart Road. 

In the evening there will be a meeting of the town's three community councils in the Nairn Community & Arts centre at 7.30 p.m. Top of the Agenda will be the Nairn South Planning proposal. Other items for discussion are Lochloy Planning and Development, traffic congestion on the A96 and Nairn streets, a vision for local democracy in Scotland 2013, the new area committee, Local member votes and the Nairn Common Good fund. 

Gurnites that haven't had a chance to obtain a copy of a Nairnshire yet will find much material related to the subjects above. Headlines in this week's edition of the Leopold Street Thunderer include:

"Fury over Assest Transfer" - Dick wants the Scottish Government to intervene after a Highland Council decision on the Common Good
"Blow to local Influence" - the local member vote has gone and there are claims of "hypocrisy".
"Nairn Councillor silenced on major planning issues" - Liz can't speak at the South Nairn meeting tomorrow because she could potentially be a developer up at Lochloy herself. 
"They've got the T-shirt and are ready for a fight" - an article on tomorrow's demonstration
"The Provost" - an editorial where Liz's departure comes in for a bit of scrutiny and the importance of the position of Provost to Nairn is stated. There is also a suggestion that the role of Political Area Leader held by Liz now is "meaningless" unless...  More in this week's Nairnshire Telegraph gurnites - happy reading. 

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APTSec said...

Latest on THC web site:

'Councillors vote against Nairn housing development (18/09/13)'

...Following a morning site visit, members at today’s Planning, Environment and Development Committee have refused planning permission for Scotia Homes Ltd, Barratt North East Scotland and Robertson Home to build 232 houses and 87 flats on land at Cawdor Road in Nairn.

The application was reconsidered today by the Committee after a Notice of Amendment was received following the meeting of The Highland Council’s South Planning Applications Committee on 20 August 2013. At this meeting the South PAC granted planning permission but the Notice of Amendment was submitted after comments in the committee report made by Nairn Suburban Community Council were incorrectly ascribed to Nairn River Community Council.

The decision made today went to vote with 8 members voting for the motion to grant planning permission subject to a number of conditions and 13 members voting for refusal based on the following amendment - “That the roads infrastructure will not support the development. The Cawdor Road Railway Bridge Underpass will not accommodate the additional traffic created by the development and Balblair Road is still single track in places.”