Thursday, September 26, 2013

Derelict Alton Burn Hotel still causing concern for Suburban CC

On Wednesday night Dick Youngson stated that at his organisation’s last meeting they had expressed to the police their concerns over children entering the derelict building. He said that the day after that meeting plywood was put on some of the windows. He said:

”But really it made no difference because the back of the hotel was completely wide open and people could still get and they really didn’t, as we suggested, seal off the hotel with the barriers which are there, they are lying there in stacks.
Dick continued, “It’s still a big problem for the community and the police, the police are virtually down there every night.” He went on to say that children were being attracted from other parts of the town to the building.
The Chair then added that the developer had apparently reached agreement with Highland Council over access to the development and payment for the construction of a bell-mouthed junction on Sandown Farm Lane off the A96.

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