Thursday, September 12, 2013

Another victory for Murd's "keep on gurning until they do something" modus operandi

The signs are back on the former go-kart track on the riverside. The area has been used for many years by parents training their children on cycling rules of the road etc. Recently the signs disappeared. Murd spoke at several meetings calling for the signs to be reinstated. This week they reappeared and the Gurn understands that some new ones will be on the way too. River Community Council backed Murd and the road markings have been renewed and the grass edges tidied up too. Well done Murd, your persistent efforts pay off again. 


Anonymous said...

No speed limits that I can see, I assume this is a 60mph area?

Anonymous said...

All joking aside about street signs, i frequently see cars driving across the grass in this area to reach the skate park whilst parents are using this PARK area to play with their kids.

Murd said...

There may not be speed signs but there is a traffic calming restrictions in place so may be there was a problem at one time?