Saturday, September 14, 2013

Tommy Hogg urges Nairn residents to attend South Nairn demonstration on Wednesday morning

Tommy, Chair of River Community Council, told the Gurn that he had held a meeting mid-week with his opposite numbers on West and Suburban CCs to finalise preparations for the protest which will gather at the Railway Station at 08.30 a.m. next Wednesday. He told the Gurn:

“I know it isn’t a perfect time for a demonstration but it's when the Councillors come to Nairn. We have to try and get back some sort of local influence in the planning system. If anyone can get a bit of time off work to come along please do, maybe a few mums could share the school run to enable others to attend too. It’s our town and our future, young and old – let’s not let other people that don’t live here ruin it."

Tommy reiterated a point he wishes to be heard: "We are not against development, the town has to grow, but we want it on terms that are acceptable to the community – nothing more than that. It’s time for the powers that be to listen to us!
Wednesday is an important day for Nairn’s future so please come along if you can.”

Gurnites may already have seen the full page advertisment for the demonstration that was placed in this week's edition of the Nairnshire Telegraph.


Anonymous said...

If our community councillors hold no sway with the planning group what hope for ordinary folk? none. The protest is a waste of good shoe leather
We can't even get the grass cutting back in council hands where we want it to be. Lets face it community councils and councillors in Nairn are now powerless, mere token figures

Anonymous said...

Who's stupid idea was it to have it a 8:30 in the morning