Tuesday, September 24, 2013

South Nairn decision - Colin: "I think we are into new territory"

At the Suburban Community Council meeting this evening in Nairn Academy earlier this evening (24th September) Highland Councillor Colin MacAulay joined the debate over the recent South Nairn decision. He told the meeting:

“I think we are into new territory. I don’t know what that new territory is or what it means. We are in a place that the Community Councils haven’t been before, that we as individuals haven’t been before, the Council as a whole hasn’t been before and the planning service hasn’t been before.”

Martin Ashford mentioned that there was some good comment in the Nairnshire this week. Colin then continued:
“Linda mentioned the development plan coming out and it is real now we’ll be entering this six week consultation period and I think that’s... the proof of the pudding I think is going to come through that process and out at the other end.”

This observer then suggested: “But unfortunately Colin, that is in the strait jacket of the Highland wide plan isn’t it?”

“But again I just think that...something shifted, seismic,” he replied. “But I don’t know and it is this bit, I guess none of us know. We don’t know what the developer is going to do I think that is one of the challenges.[...] I think all of us would have seen a kind of,  Lochloy, Sandown, Delnies, South Nairn, something like that kind of order but once something is zoned then the developer can begin, if the developer puts in an application you have to hear the application ”


I know where I'm going said...

So Colin doesn't know where he is?

Graisg said...

To be fair this observer would suggest that no one does until the developers make their next move.
It is ironic that you should tag yourself with the title of that iconic film "I know where I'm going". It's a favourite of Tildas and was seen a few times at the Ballerina Cinema of dreams.
The meeting was in modern day surroundings but it may be did have a touch of such an atmosphere as some fairly decent and very audible pipe music drifted into the meeting from the Academy evening classes.

Graisg said...

@White witch - thank you for that.