Thursday, September 19, 2013

What the Councillors said at the South Nairn planning meeting yesterday (Wednesday 18th September)

You can see the webcast recording now on the Council's site here. Michael Green speaks first at 01.14.19 into the video and then others speak up until the moment of decision. There are also a considerable amount of technical questions before Michael speaks from members addressed to the officials. 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the link, I finally found some time to watch this all important meeting

Cllr Green made an impassioned speech highlighting many of the concerns that Nairnites have, he surely has to be Nairn's leading councillor in looking after our interests.

Cllr Fraser also contributed some sound observations with regard to the development

Cllr Macauley... oh dear. He's pro development under the rather misguided idea that it will bring younger people to Nairn. It won't, jobs will, and the time limited construction jobs that development will bring are not the answer. Cllr Macauley has some homework to do!

Cllr MacDonald was noteworthy through her absence, as a potential developer herself she can no longer attend such meetings. I have to ask the question that with this conflict of interest should she still hold office as a Nairn councillor?

All in all those who protested and those of our councillors who really voiced our concerns did Nairn proud, well done to you all, and thanks to the Gurn for such extensive coverage (as always)

Anonymous said...

I take issue with Cllr Macauley's view that more houses would attract younger people to Nairn

I'm in my early 30's and earn £22K a year, but have resigned myself to the fact that I'm never going to be able to afford to buy my own property. I'm not complaining, my income is way higher than that of many of my friends and I have a comfortable lifestyle.

But to buy a property I would have to save a substantial deposit, tens of thousands, and I would then have to try to get a mortgage. I've not looked for awhile but last time I did the most I could borrow was £48K. Looking at the HSPC website today the cheapest property in Nairn is £75K, so I would need at least £27K deposit

This is the reality for many younger people Cllr Macauley; even affordable housing isn't, so please stop encouraging housing developments on the back of changing the demographics.