Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday morning press review - Liz in the Courier

Liz features on pages 5&7 of today's Inverness Courier. On page five the article reads - "Lawyers warn ex-provost to stay out of row over South Nairn planning controversy." The article explains that Liz has spoken out about South Nairn in the past but if she were to do so on Wednesday she could be seen as favouring her own 12 acres of land on the east of town for development. She is pretty downbeat about the prospects for defeating the application though and states in reference to the Highland Wide Development plan: 

"As long as the developers have got a similar amount of housing and the same foot path for land, it cannot be refused. And if it was it would be won on appeal." Presumably the Courier meant to say "footprint" instead of "footpath"?

On page 7 there is a report about Liz's transition from Provost to Area Political Leader. Who will replace her then? Colin was stating on Wednesday night that he was still not a contestant but in the Gurn's completely unscientific poll (on the top left in the sidebar) there isn't really much in it with Laurie and Michael neck and neck and with some Gurnites still voting for Colin anyway, he is behind them but there isn't much of a gap between him and the others. 

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