Sunday, September 15, 2013

The race to find a new Provost for Nairn - picture of the candidates in action

Opps! Sorry, got the wrong picture. It is, of course, an image of the 2nd wave of Coast to Coasters leaving Nairn at 08.00 a.m. yesterday morning. Here's a set of pictures on the Gurn flickr pages that show the scenes in Nairn early yesterday morning. 

A serious point however, it was suggested to the Gurn by one of the usual suspects that the choice of Provost should be turned over to Nairnshire's community Councillors - the choice would then come from about 40 unpaid citizens who give up their time to serve on the County's Community Councils. Would that be a better way of resolving the issue?

Anyway, under the current system, who will be proudly wearing the civic bling next year to do the honours and start the race? Yesterday was Liz's swansong as Provost as she started the 06.30 and 08.00 races. There is an unscientific poll in the Gurn sidebar that may or may not give an indication of who might be chosen as the next Provost tomorrow morning. 


Anonymous said...

Hmm... Laurie or Michael, not much by the way of choice then

As for handing the decision over to Nairn Community Councillors; they're completely ignored so suggest we just ask Inverness who the next Provost should be, it'll save time

Michael will walk (or talk) it anyway

Anonymous said...

Any photos of the Provost at her last engagement?

Graisg said...

I was a good way away when it came to that point anon but did hear Liz's voice on the megaphone. Other local photographers were also in attendance so perhaps a visual record of Liz's final event may emerge.

Graisg said...

anon, thank you for the comment about pulling strings but we have decided not to publish.