Thursday, September 19, 2013

Gordons Sawmill fire - more pictures from Balblair Road Nairn earlier this evening

Individual images here.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures that captured the fire well. Always on top of any local news - well done again Gurn. We would be lost without you.

Anonymous said...

Really need to try and edit the photos before downloading, loads of nearly identical photos, should be quality not quantity!

Graisg said...

Generally the Gurn has long given up the quest for quality when it comes to images, experience (and statistical evidence) shows that there is a demand for images of events in Nairn regardless of their quality.
Fair comment however and if not delighted please accept a full refund :-)

Unashamed Gurn fan said...

@Anon 5:18

So, of a Thursday evening did you leave the warmth of your house and trot up to Gordons with a camera, come home, download/upload photos from camera to Flickr, write a piece for your blog with a link to your photos, and all this in your free time with zero payment? No?

I'm sure if you wanted to start a rival blog anon the Gurn would welcome a bit of competition. It provides the best local news compared to any media and as it happens, no waiting till Tuesday morning to read about Gordons and see one picture on a printed sheet

Good luck with editing your photos

Gurn Multi Media CEO said...

The photo's were edited down from an original 500 images. The reason for putting up the almost identical images was to make available a feel of the progression of the event as quickly as possible. Given the multi media capabilities and independence of the Gurn blog we are not constricted by old fashioned, conventional rulings which other forms of media may have to follow and we can indulge in quantity (and contrary to Graisg's comment, quality is an issue and a disciplinary hearing will take place later in the day to reiterate that!) and have more than one image available at a time.

Thank you Anon @5.18, for your comments, they have not been noted!

Graisg said...

Sorry Boss, after taking legal advice I regret to say that I will be unable to attend that meeting.

Anonymous said...

As a minor shareholder in Gurn Holdings I'm concerned to read that a democratically appointed member of staff feels unable to attend a meeting with or without legal advice. It is surely part of their job to attend everything that their unpaid job requires? I really think Graisg should consider his continued employment with the Gurn if he is unable to follow all of his conditions of service?
Might I suggest that this goes to the Gurn HR department ASAP and if necessary Graisg resigns and we then see if folk are willing to reinstate him if he still thinks he is unable to attend certain meetings
The other option that I think the board should consider is to dock part of his extensive non-existent pay if he is unable to fore-fill all of his duties